[Tig] Issue with blackmagis mini monitor

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Thu Jan 16 15:37:57 GMT 2014

It could be that the Dell doesn't like a PsF signal, and you need to switch the blackmagic to output progressive instead. I’ve never used that particular Dell, but some computer monitors don’t accept PsF.

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I am building a support machine, to help me here, and i bought an Imac 27"
hoping to use the blackmagic mini monitor to monitor using a Dell U2713H,
the problem is, the input of the monitor is HDMI, and I can not monitor
using this setup, but when I use this monitor with my other machine, with a
Decklink Extreme, I works perfectly. I've already tried to use the
blackmagic mini on other computer, but same result. Any clue???


Hebert Marmo
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