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Actually I think we're in agreement.  I have no illusions that a multi disciplined artist can match a seasoned specialist, with very limited exception. The whole message of disruption is accepting the fact that the quality pool becomes diluted, but realizing that is in fact what the market wants.The line between market strata is not fixed, but asynchronously variable. People pay for higher quality than they need when the lower price point yields less quality than they need. When technology drives a shift in strata, either raising the quality of the lower price point or creating a intermediate offering that meets the need, the client shifts to that market.  The original higher end provider can bemoan the loss of craft and try to sell the value difference but to some clients that value never really existed.

So the high end will always exist, just at much smaller market size.  And the general level of "acceptable" is lower.  At some point even further down the curve, though, once the new lower price points become commodity, quality again becomes a differentiator... just not at the price premium of yore.


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> Mike,
> I agree with your assessment of how things have evolved, but I do not agree that this creates great editors, colorists etc... At best it creates average talent. Maybe that's why I see so much "average" color correction on TV today. The creativity, and higher level color correction, is being left out for "it's good enough", by people who can only color "good enough".
> To achieve a higher level in the art you work at takes great discipline and constant practice, by using that skill on a daily basis. Not once a week or every other week etc... as you would in the situation you described.
> As Bruce Lee said "I don't fear the thousand techniques you've practiced once. I fear the one technique you've practiced a thousand times".
> I think it's unfortunate that this generation does not get a chance to "specialize".
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