[Tig] plasma vs LCD in the grading room

Robert Houllahan rob at cinelab.com
Fri Jun 25 19:49:49 BST 2010

>  Why, then, are all of the "color-critical displays" that
> cine-tal, eCinema, and all the rest LCD-based?  Why has no company
> produced a colorist-grade plasma screen, with proper calibration
> controls and gamut selection?   

I think this is a great question, maybe because the lcd panels are easily available as oem or that plasma panels are more manufacturing intensive to build? Panasonic does make dual link cards for the plasma displays and if you put a Davio or a Truelight box on one or Lightspace and a probe to build a display lut you are probably pretty well off.


Robert Houllahan
rob at cinelab.com

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