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Wed Jun 23 21:22:29 BST 2010

If anyone has thoughts on the monitors listed below, please post to  
the entire group!
We just had to replace our CRT, and we had a Cinetal in house, so that  
is what we are using, for now.  It has plusses and minuses.
A big positive (compared to the CRT) is the full gamut mode, and being  
able to apply factory, or custom LUTs.    We have had an issue with  
the full gamut mode looking pink and after speaking to Cinetal, they  
told us it was a software problem, but after an upgrade, we are still  
in the same boat.  Luckily that monitor is currently being used in our  
commercial suite, so we are using gamut controlled, Rec. 709 mode, so  
it has not been a huge issue.  I also think it's gamma setting is a  
lot closer to what the general population is seeing at home on their  
LCD's and Plasmas.

The biggest problems I have with the monitor are: 1. The viewing angle  
is really bad, I have clients lining up behind me to properly judge  
the picture. 2. Standard Def looks awful unless the scan size is tiny.  
3. When the blacks and whites reach their limits (crushed or clipped)  
they seem to pick up strange shades that I cannot find on my scopes.   
The blacks can also tend to look noisy.

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On Jun 23, 2010, at 3:36 PM, Rob Lingelbach wrote:

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> On Jun 23, 2010, at 7:37 AM, Micah wrote:
>> So I know monitor's have been discussed time and time again... but  
>> trying to figure out the best solution for a colorist's sidekick  
>> monitor is really bugging me....
>> I hate having 2 monitors in the same color suite, but it seems like  
>> a necessary evil...
>> I have decided to go with Panasonic TH-50PF11UK for my client  
>> monitor, but I find it very hard to spend 15k to 40k on a sidekick  
>> monitor just for me. Does it make any sense that the Panasonic is  
>> under $3K and I am spending big $$ on a monitor that my client will  
>> not be looking at...
>> So my question is why? and does anyone else feel the same?
>> Colorist Sidekick Monitor's looking at :
>> Cine-tal 24" = 18k
>> eCinema PRO-2310 = 15k
>> eCinema DPX = 40k
>> TV Logic XVM-245W  24" = 12k
>> Flanders Scientific LM-2470W = 10k
>> JVC Verite DT-V24G1Z  =  5K
>> Panasonic BT-LH2600W = 5K
>> HP DreamColor LP2480zx = 3K
>> Has anyone had good or bad experience's with these monitors?
>> thanks for your input...
>> Micah
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