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Joey D'Anna jdanna at teamgroup.tv
Thu Jun 3 01:18:32 BST 2010

We have 3 of them, all connected to each other. running about 6 final cuts, 3 DS's and 3 pro tools suites.

They work pretty good - and have been for the most part very reliable.

You do need to sit down and think about your workflows though, as there are some pitfalls:

With regular volumes, only one host can have them mounted read-write, the others mount them read only.
What we do is, say we have 3 final cut rooms, and the following partitions:


edit 1 mounts it's drive RW, and the other 2 RO. the other rooms do the same.
Projects are stored on a network share mounted RW on all systems.

Any project can read any media, but writes new media to its own drive, and all the other systems can read it.

This works extremely well with both final cut and avid DS.
The pitfall is, in this configuration, the drives are formatted HFS+ for the final cuts, and NTFS for the DS. OSX cant write to NTFS, and NT cant read HFS (without additional software - which is buggy, and doesnt work in 64bit). So we cant really cross pollinate mac/pc drives.

In the most recent release, facilis added simultaneous read write volumes, which are NTFS volumes (because its a much better filesystem then HFS+), but instead of being directly mounted by the host system, they are virtualized by the server to SMB shares, still accessed over high speed fiber. Macs and PCs can read and write all to the same volume, all simultaniously.

For hires uncompressed grading, this may not be the best config, as i am not sure how hard the throughput gets hit by virtualizing to SMB. Also its the first release with this functionality, so i havent done much testing with it in actual production (though what i have done is very promising).

On the whole - I really like them. Facilis support is very responsive. Talk to Jim McKenna at facilis - I'm sure they can help you work out your workflows/configuration to suit your needs.

How many, and what type of systems are you trying to run, and at what resolution?

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I'm hoping someone on the TIG has some experience with the FacilisTerrablock storage units.  We're looking to acquire them in my organization to improve the I/O for file storage in a grading environment.  Our current SAN is a Bright Systems product that is ~4 years old and in need of upgrade to take advantage of new operating systems.  

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Rob Lingelbach
TIG admin

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