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Ted Langdell ted at tedlangdell.com
Fri Feb 26 01:33:37 GMT 2010

On Feb 25, 2010, at 5:23 PM, David Mackenzie wrote:

> Graham, forgive me if I've missed the point here - but why shouldn't  
> the
> list consider the professional setup of a consumer TV? It's where the
> majority of content is going to be seen, surely? Calibration  
> controls on TVs
> are improving and while I certainly can't claim they reach the  
> quality of a
> studio monitor, some of the better Plasma displays, after  
> calibration, have
> remarkably linear greyscale and gamma properties.

Televison stations used to air bars and tone so engineers could line  
up the plant.  Viewers who know how could also adjust their sets.

After all the expense of switching to DTV and HD, it would be in the  
long-term best interests of stations to do some consumer education...  
airing "how to" videos and test signals at regular times enabling  
viewers to adjust their sets for best picture.

"We want you to have the best picture possible on the Super Bowl (or  
tonight's Olympics)... so at 6:45, we'll spend a few minutes walking  
your through how to adjust your set, and then put up a test signal to  
help you do it.  Instructions are also on-line."

Over time, it could earn some viewer loyalty points.  Maybe NBC should  
pick this up.  It was the first full-color network.  Needs some viewers.


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