[Tig] Dumb 888-DUI Question

Clark E Bierbaum bierbaum at bellsouth.net
Wed Feb 24 15:40:48 GMT 2010

I found it easiest to run a terminal program on a cheap PC (old mac  
duo in my case) and have it beside my panels at all times.  Just hook  
to the vt102 (or similarly labeled connection on the meta speed  
board.)  I spent a lot of time getting the initial framing correct -  
see the manual, but then had no problems for months (on a Y front.)   
Write down those settings!

Good Luck!


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On Feb 23, 2010, at 11:52 PM, Robert Houllahan wrote:

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>> If you have Meta Speed, I would leave servo framing at "0" and  
>> make sure the run forward and run reverse are set in Meta Speed.   
>> Then if you want to change the framing you use the deflection tilt  
>> to re position on still frame, and it will remain in that position  
>> during run.
>> I have Jim conditioned.  "Always keep the framing at zero!!!"  :)
>> If you want details on how I set it up let me know.
> Thanks
> I have my Copernicus machine setup with the metaspeed at '0'  
> everything nice nice like, the 888DUI system is still not  
> completely hooked up so I don't have a easily accessible terminal  
> ( I have not figured out the hookup to term on the o2) and the  
> metaspeed remote panel is not hooked up yet either.
> I have the metaspeed terminal on the Keylink computer right now so  
> I really need to do some setup.. I just end up setting framing  
> locally now when I restart the machine...
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