[Tig] DAV deflection

George Zerial George.Zerial at nfsa.gov.au
Wed Feb 10 21:28:09 GMT 2010

well,  what an overwhelming response Ive had. 
Thankyou to all who replied and in particular to Nathan Gleit for his 
correction to the correct component (R20) and the picture of the resistor 
in question. ( 7.5K)
The manuals I have for the DAV system extend as far as the main circuit 
boards.  I have to assume as the external power supplies are generic, 
there is no information available for them.
Well in my case anyways...... and as far as the local distributor is 

While I have your interest in this area, what brought me here in the first 
place is a "fault" that has been plaguing me on and off now for some time.
I didnt want to send out an email to the TIG until I had more information 
......... but here I am.
After things have "warmed up" and intermittently, the intesity of the tube 
gets modulated. The net effect is the picture "bouncing" on the waveform 
Wanting to dismiss the tube for obviou$ reasons, I have been probing 
around the area of the grid control ( 200V supplied by the external Power 
One supply)
As luck would have it and the position in which one has to get in to 
access the area ( Wii Fit take note...) with a cro probe is not conducive 
to a happy ending.
Fortunately it was only a 5cent resistor.
So Im trying to gather information. Trying to get a grip on something 
thats going to give me a clue as to why this "modulation" is happening.

Anyone got any ideas ??

If nothing else, its a comforting thing knowing there is a global 
connection to people with similar situations and setups.

George Zerial
Video/Telecine Engineer
National Film & Sound Archive

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