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On 01/10/2009, at 3:23 AM, tig-request at colorist.org wrote:
> Load a generic "Log>Lin LUT" on to a Blackmagic-box and feed the SDI  
> through it when doing the dv-dub...?
> Will a Log>Lin LUT work you think?
> /carl

The Arri D21 in my opinion is the first digital camera to produce a  
'true' Log image as we know it in the film world.
Therefor the use of Film profile 3DLuts is very efficient in this  
regard, given a good Digital negative.
As with all preset Luts it is assumed the exposures are 'on the money'.
I would be wary of using 2D Luts though.....

I am very soon to release an onset live monitoring application for  
Apple OSX users that will apply 3DLookups and ASC color correction
to the LIve SDI or firewire feed and output to an external screen. It  
is essentially finished but im in the process of attempting to make it  

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