[Tig] French Government

Kevin Wheatley hxpro at cinesite.co.uk
Thu Sep 24 10:29:21 BST 2009

alex black wrote:
> However, I think it's hilarious because, well, good luck controlling
> everyone's image data. You could have manufacturers digitally sign
> raster data in-camera or in-scanner with an embedded signature derived
> from the data and build all prepress software to refuse images which
> aren't signed... but... yeah, not going to happen. Well, maybe for
> specialized law enforcement applications.

More interesting is at what point is it considered 'manipulated'?

Aliasing vs Edge enhancing during de-Bayer? "There were 3 close
together scratch marks"
White balance - think about images of Mars (or Australia at the
moment) "She was wearing a red dress"

Getting enough consensus to form a sensible law might prove difficult,
 oh wait they never said sensible...

> I think the original article mentioned education. That is the only valid
> decision to take.

You seen Facebook and youtube then :-)


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