[Tig] Help: flat scans for tape to tape

Jim Mann jfmann at optimum.net
Wed Sep 23 19:55:59 BST 2009

Hi Janet,
It has been a while since I've been to Philly, please pass my regards to Mr. Lovejoy. 

All my clients scan in the log format. Linear scans would be by special request. Most of those are TIFF scans for the print media. 
There are 2 ways to make your life easier correcting LOG material on the daVinci 2K. OH! I have misspelled daVinci! The correct spelling is DaVinci. :-)

With your DaVinci input set at 1080Psf 444 on the "2K setup" menu tree, in the lower left corner is the "2K input LUT" select the LOG to Linear curve. 
This will certainly make life faster.

Some colorists, prefer more control and leave the "2K input LUT" inactive and lieu correct for the LOG curve with Custom Curves (in the Super Vector board). 
This has the benefit of being able to be "undone" on a scene to scene basis.  Hence if you have mixed LOG-LIN material on a tape this is the better idea.
You can then save the curve to your Base Mem. 

If you call up a Ramp test pattern you can see what the "2K input LUT" does. Save that to the gallery. Then turn it off and use the still as a template to
create your own  custom curve. 

I hope this helps!

Jim Mann
Freelance Colorist
colorist444 at hotmail.com

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