[Tig] Whats missing in your colorcorector?

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Sun Sep 20 23:07:11 BST 2009

There are some ergonomically superior sensory codings that work very  
well in
operator/artist interfaces.

One is Color Coding.   Use various colors, on the LEDs, to denote  
certain modes.  This can be very powerful to present at even at a   
peripheral glance.

Another is Sound.  Beeps are very passé, when they don't impart any  
speech synthesizers are worse.   But use a discreet beep at a certain  
say, at 600Hz- to mean a successful event change; use 1000-1500Hz to  
a dissolve entry and exit; use 2000-3000 to denote ....    well you  
get the idea.

Operator GUIs can make use of all kinds of feedback.  Tactile: vibrate  
subtly the console- with no indication to the client- if you're  
entering unknown territory.  Include an LED flash, programmable by the  
colorist, to indicate anything- and allow for all possible parameter  
excursions, e.g. "chroma approaching 110%;" "video encroaching on
editor's intent;"  ....

Our software can be much more intelligent, by degrees or levels  
includable, depending on {$; package; promotional visibility.].

Rob Lingelbach    TIG admin/founder   Colorist, Consultant
rob at colorist.org

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