[Tig] consistency of color regardless of format after grading

Mirko I. systems-news at s-s-c.org
Thu Sep 17 12:43:09 BST 2009

hi Sascha,

thanks for your reply.

Nice site, btw! Did you do the flash-programming?

After class1, projector and plasma have been calibrated,
do you only use your color grading tools to adjust the look or does
it happen that further calibration is needed for a project to work?

So the process of generating different delivery formats is your job
as a colorist and not a job for the technical staff (which helps make
the color be consistent)?

Does the simulation (with LUTs) generally work out or do you have
to adjust when you finally see it on the respective device?

Concerning DCI.. it seems as each company has to develop their
own pipeline / process on making sure it looks right in cinemas, up
to now.. as the standards have only just arrived and there's no
standard way to do it (as before with 35mm etc.)!?

greetings from vienna,


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