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Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Tue Sep 15 16:30:46 BST 2009

I moonlighted for 6 years at BC Place Stadium in Vancouver doing  
exactly this -- wrangling 4 cameras plus support tech for the rest of  
the scoreboard presentation.  It was a mix of Hitachi FP21's and  
Z31's, and Canon/Fujinon lenses.  There were almost bigger  
differences in the lenses themselves.
The earlier vintage 21's were very straightforward EFP cameras with  
analog controls, but the Z31's were starting to edge into the area of  
secondary masking.  This raised the interesting question regarding  
making the artificial turf under mercury vapor light look really good  
(which could not be matched on the 21s) or leave it alone and match  
to the inferior/obsolete cameras.  Nevertheless it was all good fun  
riding the exposure and rebooting the D88 character generator all at  
the same time.  In those days it was guerrilla tactics.  Camera CCUs  
these days are very sophisticated... just not particularly suitable  
for a lot of sober second thought and revisiting the scene over and  
over....   its LIVE! and those things(trackers and stuff) just don't  
work unless you've got crystal balls instead of the steel ones that  
are mandatory for the job.

CF: this job already exists, it's the vision engineer (not sure if my  
translation from french is correct) and some are quite talented, some  
live shows (music concerts, operas, etc.) have pretty nice treatments.

RL: I should have been clearer, I was musing that it would be nice to  
have a grading system and a colorist at the controls during live  

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