[Tig] Google Street View, Open Layers Maps for facilities

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Mon Sep 14 00:33:53 BST 2009

Am making my way through the coding of facility locations including  
Google Street View, on the TIG Facility Table at


The following facilities are fully coded for these features:

Alpha Dogs
Shooters Inc./DIVE
Presto!Digital Colourgrade
Final Frame
The Orphanage
New Hat
Milagro Post

I do still need photos of suite interiors, except for Milagro, New  
Hat, Norsk Smalfilm,
CBS, and Shooters, which already have photos in the table.

And need more facilities - though the table is editable by any TIG  
wiki user, it might be locked for some time during the day due to my  
own editing- so the pertinent data can
be sent to me at the email below.

Rob Lingelbach    TIG admin
rob at colorist.org

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