[Tig] TiG Update: Dubai Colourist

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Fri Sep 11 16:35:08 BST 2009

Freelance agency UtopiaPeople ( http://www.utopia.com ) is recruiting  
a senior Pogle/Spirit telecine colorist to Dubai.
Our client is a premier posthouse in this exciting region offering a  
good working envioroment and exciting jobs. We are looking preferably  
after a French or French speaking colorist with a commercial oriented  
showreel/CV. The gig starts 28 October and goes on for 6-12 months  
depending on how everything works out. Company helps out setting up  
apartment and pays for airline tickets. Salary is GOOD.

You must be a registered freelancer at Utopiapeople (register free at http://www.utopiapeople.com/forms/registration.php 
  ) to apply
Deadline for applications: 090915.
Email job at utopiapeople.com write "DUBAI" as subject. In email also  
write any information you want to pass on to client. Make sure that  
you have a online showreel available.


Confirmed ads appearing on the TIG at


Product Specialist/Demo Artist LA-based
Wanted, Dual Channel AJA frame grabber card
Wanted, working Dolby CA10 camera systems.
Northlight One Scanner
Aaton Keycode head
Color Correction system for Quadra 444 needed
Good condition reversible 35mm Kinoton projector
16mm gate for Arriscan needed


Jeff Christopherson. Digital Film Engineer, D.I. Supervisor,  
Consultant, Manager.
Jim Mann, Freelance Colorist/daVinci Product Specialist
Rob Lingelbach, Colorist, Consultant
Stuart Blake Jones - Freelance Colorist-Consultant-Instructor-Writer
Adam Halasz colourist
Jon Mendenhall - Assistant Colourist, Chicago
Bosch 444 Quadra in perfect working condition
Loaded Davinci 2K Plus for Sale USA $100,000 USD
Celco Fury Film recorder

Rob Lingelbach   TIG admin/founder
rob at colorist.org

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