Florentijn Bos|bosti.nl tig at bosti.nl
Tue Sep 8 14:45:45 BST 2009

Hi Guys,

Seems to be getting no way around the whole 3D game anymore, so I am 
going to have to make my hands dirty in the near future by 
conforming/coloring and DCP mastering films shot on 2 (RED) cameras. I 
will be doing this job on a Baselight system, so any specific tips on 
that platform are welcomed.

What are the experiences in terms of grading per layer. No one is 
grading in stereoscopic right? Always per channel. Has anyone seen 
problems where there is too much parallax between the 2 cameras or 
anything else that makes shots unusable and only to be discovered while 
making a 3D DCP test?

Was there always a 3D projection/viewing possibility during grading, or 
only afterwards? Is that really a must or can we just opt for regular 
one channel viewing and check the stereoscopic relation afterwards?

Are there extreme cases where secondaries give issues like masks or keys?

What happens if you make a secondary with a track, do you copy the track 
from layer0 or do you retrack for the second channel with the 
possibility the shape will be on a different motion?

What are the do's and don't concerning secondaries is the general question.

Just any actual experience stories would help me :-)

Anyone ever authored a stereoscopic DCP on the DVS Clipster?

Cheers & thanks Floor

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