[Tig] The Technicolor look

Christopher Noellert cnoellert at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 06:30:51 GMT 2008

As Jeff mentioned, the upcoming release of Baselight does in fact  
contain a new "looks" strip which has 2 and 3 strip emulations in  
addition to bleach bypass, black and white and a few others.

These emulations are as mathematically close as possible given the  
available reference material and while I can't really disclose to much  
more about it, there is a lot more going on then what you find in  
Color or other simpler plugins.

That being said I would love to hear some impressions from the  
masses.  If anyone has a frame or two they would like to see  
processed, please feel free to email me - chrisn at filmlight.ltd.uk  I'd  
be more than happy to post the results on the wiki for all to give  
feedback on, if it's of interest to the group.

Disclaimer, I work for Filmlight.


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On Mar 15, 2008, at 8:26 PM, Jeff Christopherson wrote:

> Cintel and FilmLight support the TIG in 2008 - read about Cintel's  
> NAB presence at
> http://colorist.org/wiki3/index.php/TIGNABFS08
> ====
> Regarding the synthesis of the Technicolor look....
> The Baselight also has some special nodes to impart a 2 or 3 strip
> Tech look. I've seen them ( as recently as this week ) but I cannot
> attest to their accuracy in reproducing the original.
> The 2 strip had a nice, antique "cyan-y" feel to it
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