[Tig] denoising lowlights, interpolation algorithms (stills)

woz warrenl at gmail.com
Sun Mar 16 00:19:15 GMT 2008

I'm surprised that you're surprised, but then I guess the surprise level
depends on your preconceptions.
(or was the camera very warm when you took the shots?)

look here:



(I have no connection with dpreview.com other than being a 'subscribing'


On 14/03/2008, Rob Lingelbach <rob at colorist.org> wrote:
> Cintel and FilmLight support the TIG in 2008 - read about Cintel's NAB
> presence at
> http://colorist.org/wiki3/index.php/TIGNABFS08
>   ====
> I was unpleasantly surprised by the amount of noise in an (admittedly
> high ISO) image I shot in camera raw (NEF) on a Nikon D70.   Cinepaint
> gave me an accurate representation of the noise, which was slightly
> dismaying when I saw what Photoshop Lightroom did in smoothing this
> noise in the lowlights.  However, in the interest of veracity and
> acutance, I prefer knowing what was shot, and now I've been gracefully
> referred to
> http://cimg.sourceforge.net/greycstoration/
> which page, once viewed, is self-explanatory, and seems to be well-
> supported and received.
> And, as noted previously, Cinepaint is open source as well.
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