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My understanding is that while JPEG2000 uses technology proprietary to  
a number of companies, a license is required to use it but that this  
licence is "revenue-free".

So it is not cost that is preventing the take-up. Word reaching me is  
that the reason take-up is slower than might be expected for a really  
useful compression scheme is that it is very processor intensive to  



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On 14 Mar 2008, at 23:25, Dwaine Maggart wrote:

Cintel and FilmLight support the TIG in 2008 - read about Cintel's NAB  
presence at

I think the reason JPEG2000 has not been widely adopted is that it  
licensing to use. Can anyone verify that?

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> JPEG, although useful, is still antiquated technology.  JPEG2000
> was supposed to be the new compression standard but for some reason
> it hasn't been widely adopted.

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