[Tig] cinerama, technicolor, kine.

Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Fri Mar 14 19:09:34 GMT 2008

Reposting a response to Rob....

The point to this is that I was asked recently, and have also been
asked in the past, to recreate a Technicolor look to film as video,
and though I know fairly well what the client means, it pretty much
stumps me as how to get it, not only because I'm working with camera
negative, but because of the limitations of video.  Is there anyone
here who has reflections on this subject?

Apple COLOR comes with two nodes in its COLORFX room that profess to  
be 2-strip and 3-strip Technicolor.  I can't recall if there is a  
rationalization of how their version was created.  You might  
interrogate Graham Nattress.  If I need to do geometry distortion,  
though, I go back to Shake.

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