[Tig] cinerama, technicolor, kine.

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Fri Mar 14 18:45:58 GMT 2008

recently, while tuning around on the cable channels in a small country  
in france, I identified, having seen about 1 second of a shot, a film  
which I had the pleasure some many years ago of having worked on for  
video mastering, "How the West Was Won."   This was in video a  
recreation, with three images, of the original Cinerama version, which  
I also saw as a child at the movie theatre.  The mismatch in density  
at the edges of the 3 frames was visible, but after I jettisoned the  
technical section of the cerebellum, realized the video job was done  
well.  But there are only so many westerns with Karl Malden as the  
Preacher or Patriarch that you can take, (and with Jimmy Stewart)  so  
I had to tune away after 20 minutes.

The point to this is that I was asked recently, and have also been  
asked in the past, to recreate a Technicolor look to film as video,  
and though I know fairly well what the client means, it pretty much  
stumps me as how to get it, not only because I'm working with camera  
negative, but because of the limitations of video.  Is there anyone  
here who has reflections on this subject?

I also had the opportunity to work with some color film that needed to  
be represented in a sort of kinescope representation, and found that  
by judicious application of defocus and complete desaturation, I came  
up with something approximating it.  If I'd had the ability to do some  
oval skew, parabolic distortion, I would have been most happy, as  
kines were shot of a TV set whose surface was a section of a sphere,  
which lent an interesting distortion to the corners and sides.  It's  
that glow, the halation, that cooks the grading.

Rob Lingelbach
rob at colorist.org  http://www.colorist.org/robhome.html

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