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Wed Mar 12 23:00:24 GMT 2008

Apple said last year just before the release of Final Cut Studio 2
that there are over 800,000 FCP users. I imagine that in a year's time
that number has significantly grown.*

More to the original point, for trailers at least we've been doing
special color grades for online use for about 8 years now. First
boosting gamma for generic sRGB CRT computer monitors and most
recently been focusing on desktop LCD's instead. Not to mention a ton
of other platforms such as  iPods, PSP's, BlackBerry's and more.

Here's a sample list of one studio's color grades:
*35mm filmout
*Broadcast HD (to be downconverted to SD via dubbing facilty and HD
deck output) or in the case of an HDCAM SR master, additional hardware
*DVD (special Digital Betacam)
*Internet: Windows Media, QuickTime, Flash, Real etc., tweaked further
for PSP handhelds, BlackBerry, PlayStation 3, iPod etc.

And now consumer HD set makers are adding their own "enhancement"
filters such as licensing Dolby's Contrast product to accommodate for
the notoriously poor color reproduction qualities of consumer LCD's
and plasmas.

How the heck can you account for all that? And by the time the media
gets to your HD set, it's be compressed and recompressed a good 10
times anyways.

It's bound to get more complicated as time passes. Thanks for the post.

*"Final Cut Studio 2 was specifically designed to enable the rapidly
growing community of over 800,000 Final Cut editors worldwide to
animate, mix, grade and deliver their work as a natural extension of
the editorial process" from Apple press release found here:

More info on Dolby Contrast

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