[Tig] the end of wysiwyg?

Patrick Inhofer elists at fini.tv
Tue Mar 11 19:30:41 GMT 2008

On Mar 7, 2008, at 3:49 PM, Jack James wrote:

> Is it really worth agonising about calibration
> to the extent we used to, or is lining up a display so that 709 "looks
> right" going to be good enough?

Bob Curry posted here last year in response to the same topic. You'll  
find it in the archives. His point:

The purpose of standards isn't to match what people are seeing in  
their living rooms. It's so that all our stuff matches each other -  
consistency across our promos, spots, shows, and movies. All of which  
is created is hundreds of different rooms across the globe.

- patrick, lurking long enough that some of this *might* be sinking in

- -
Patrick inhofer

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