[Tig] the end of wysiwyg?

Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Tue Mar 11 16:00:22 GMT 2008

>There's a weird dichotomy.  The shareholders directing the company  
>just want to see bigger numbers, not wasting time on the fringe  
>element who actually need to do it right, but the charade has to be  
>maintained so that the consumer feels like they're doing it "just  
>like the pros" (quoting from the FCP manual).

At least in Los Angeles, more and more of those consumers ARE doing it just
like the pros, at least as far as the systems being used. 

FCP has made huge inroads into just about every level of the business, and
many, many projects are being cut with it. One of these days, some Academy
Award winning film will be as well. As always, assuming a baseline level of
operational hardware competency, it's the person wielding the tool, not the
tool itself. But the tool has very wide acceptance.

Apple is clearly positioning FCP as a loss-leader, the value of it being
significantly higher than the cost. They're using it to sell their top of the
line hardware, and based on very casual observation, most of the systems I've
seen being used in the biz, both the very expensive 17" laptops and the much
more reasonable G5 desktops, were bought as underpinnings for FCP. It's not "I
bought this machine, and it happened to come with FCP." It's "I bought this
machine because it can run FCP, and that's what I'm using to edit."

I spent about half an hour at an Apple store this past Sunday, looking at the
top of the line Macbook Pro portables and the sexy new ultrathin, and of the
20 or so people who wandered by that area with the high end machines, at least
15 asked the Apple rep which machines will run FCP. It was quite an


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