[Tig] 5242 FILM out unstable or developing problem

Dominic Case cased at atlab.com.au
Mon Mar 10 23:01:07 GMT 2008

> I'm Sorry, but wouldn`t this mean that the FIRST frame of image would 
> have a different density than the LAST one,

Which one is different? They are both different! - from each other.

The first frame of image would have been exposed several hours sooner than
the last frame, and therefore would have a greater amount of latent image
fade.  The last frame would be the most accurate, as tests are very short,
so there would be minimum time between exposure and processing.

As has been pointed out, temperature is a factor here, as the latent image
fades faster at a higher temperature. However, latent image fade is also a
diminishing effect: the first 24 hours are the worst. So - if you have time
- you can reduce the difference by delaying processing for a day. That way,
the head of the roll is 48 hours old, the tail is 24 hours old: less of a

Processing variation is unlikely to be consistent (ie giving you the same
problem every time) unless the lab is processing very little work, and is
following bad sensitometric and chemical control practices. 

Dominic Case
Atlab Australia

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