[Tig] 5242 FILM out unstable or develaping problem

Rogério Martins de Moraes rogerito at terra.com.br
Sat Mar 8 00:57:14 GMT 2008

> the tail LAD reading is quite accurate, the head LAD is off.

_This has to do with both the Kodak 2242/5242 stock and the heat generated by
_the ARRI Laser recorder magazine.

_However these original ARRI magazines run hot - and so the exposed head LAD
_image has been exposed to this heat in the ARRI take up magazine for 20
_hours longer than the exposed tail LAD image.

_This can cause a density difference when processed. This density difference
_is not massive but is noticeable.

I'm Sorry, but wouldn`t this mean that the FIRST frame of image would have a different density than the LAST
one, making a density change through the whole film, rendering an inaccurate transfer? There's a way to correct
this difference, if it exists? Never worked with ARRI laser, but curious.

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