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Tristan La Fontaine tristan at fsm.com.au
Fri Mar 7 23:11:45 GMT 2008

We've been doing a lot of testing of broadcast LCD monitors in one of  
our suites side by side with 24" HD sony from a few different  
manufactures ...not for the purpose of replacing the 24" in the  
grading suites but for use in the flame/smoke suites.
Obviously some are better than others but the overall colorometry on  
most of them were pretty close apart from the muddy blacks and noise.  
But the interesting thing has been that the LCD's didnt "track" to  
the CRT in that the reds were very close but the blues would be more  
cyan. I know a lot of people have done these same tests, so it made  
me wonder if the phosphor of the CRT is what was wrong and the LCD  
has better uniformity across the spectrum.
Having said all that, regardless of what kind of monitoring you're  
using, there has to be some form of calibration as a reference to  
what you're looking at. If the CRT is correct, it may appear  
different on a plasma or LCD. But if the blacks are wrong, and half  
the monitor is green while the other half is magenta, what's the  
result down the line?

Tristan La Fontaine
FSM, Sydney

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On 08/03/2008, at 7:49 AM, Jack James wrote:

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> Just had an interesting conversation with someone who said that
> monitor calibration is "almost a pointless thing to do these days".
> He explained that two things have happened in terms of monitoring. The
> first is the diminishing prevalence of grade 1 CRT monitors at
> facilities. The second is that consumers have so much choice in the
> type of display now, that not only are people watching things on
> uncalibrated displays (as they always have), but that there is so much
> difference between the display types (LED, LCD, plasma, etc), that
> even if they were calibrated to some standard, there would still be
> large differences.
> This rang true with me, not least of all because I often hear
> engineers complaining that there's no "right" way to line up the
> different sorts of displays, but I was wondering what you guys thought
> about all this?
> For theatrical release, this doesn't apply, and to some extent
> broadcast departments have some sort of specification, but what about
> straight to DVD stuff? Is it really worth agonising about calibration
> to the extent we used to, or is lining up a display so that 709 "looks
> right" going to be good enough?
> Jack
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