[Tig] 5242 FILM out unstable or develaping problem

Martin Parsons martin-p at moving-picture.com
Fri Mar 7 16:58:57 GMT 2008

> the tail LAD reading is quite accurate, the head LAD is off.

I agree that the ARRI Lasers are stable machines - but there is a known
problem with density readings at the beginning and end of a long shoot like
your 20 minute shoot.

This has to do with both the Kodak 2242/5242 stock and the heat generated by
the ARRI Laser recorder magazine.

At the start of your shoot, the head LAD image is exposed and passes into
the take-up magazine of the ARRI.

At the end of your shoot - some 20 hours later - the tail LAD image is
exposed and passes into the take-up magazine of the ARRI.

However these original ARRI magazines run hot - and so the exposed head LAD
image has been exposed to this heat in the ARRI take up magazine for 20
hours longer than the exposed tail LAD image.

This can cause a density difference when processed. This density difference
is not massive but is noticeable.

Some places 'cure' their filmout by leaving it at room temperature for 24
hours before processing. Some people say that this makes no difference.

The new-style aluminium ARRI Laser magazines reduce this density difference
by half. Fuji claim that their new laser film recorder stock - the Fuji RDI
8511 - can reduce this density difference by half too.

So the conclusion is that if you use the new aluminium ARRI Laser magazines
and shoot onto the new Fuji RDI 8511 stock - this density difference will


Head of Imaging

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