[Tig] Old EDL Files on 8-Inch Floppy Disks

Robert Lund lundo at lundissimo.info
Wed Mar 5 23:51:01 GMT 2008

Jeff Olm wrote:
> Get your entry into the TIGNABFS08 - NAB for 2008
> http://colorist.org/wiki3/index.php/TIGNABFS08
>  ====
> Christian,
> If you can find a 8" drive off ebay. Or The Broadcast Store may have
> something in the bone yard.
> If you find a drive.
> You may use Windows and wordpad to just to get in and outs.
> Or tape names.
> CMX was DOS based.
No way, CMX EDL disks were based on the DEC RT-11 file system. As dumb 
as DOS, but not the same. If you find an old Avid editing system it 
might still have a copy of the EDLxfer program I wrote for them back 
around 1990, which read raw CMX disks (3.5" at the time) and transferred 
the EDL files to Mac files. But then you'd need an old Mac with an 8" 
diskette drive...

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