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Ian Richardson irichardson at cuttingedge.com.au
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I remember the Squeezoom well
I had to keep the damm thing running...we had the only one in Aus I
there was sooooo much cooooooling air sucked thru that rack of TTL
logic, after a few years
the IC pins on the lower cards just oxidised thu and the chips fell out
when you pulled a board.
We had the Squeeze mated with a Vital vision switcher.

We moved on to  4 channels of ADO + concentrator

Its all a bit quaint these days, but fun

Ian Richo

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Quoting:   The evolution was sort of like:

      Quantel DP5000  late 70s
      Mirage                    also late 70s?
      ADO                         early 80s
      GVG Kaledioscope   mid 80s

Don't forget the "Vital Industries' Squeezoom" late 70's to mid 80's.  
Operated one in Toronto for 5 years --- 4 channels!  Had a GVG  
DPM-100 for awhile when I was at UBC, Vancouver.

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