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We had a Squeezoom at Teletronics when I was there in 1978, used it to fix blanking on illegal commercials at one point.  Charlex is very much still around.
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of course, I think Todd Rundgren joined you in having one, and in NYC
Teletronics (BT will advise) there was one.
A while back I was discussing with David Crosthwait the HS series
Ampex slo-mo discs, we had at Nutitel (Unitel) NYC the HS-200, and I
learned a lot about GPIs and some programming by using it on
animatics.  We did the first National Enquirer animatic-type
commercials using it... (then National Video stole the account, then
Charlex [are they still around?  Paul Mitchell too?] had it.)

what does this have to do with color grading?  well, to turn this
discussion around, I noticed several errors on the Wikipedia entry for
"colorist."   Someone should correct them, as my grade for it is a B.

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