[Tig] Old EDL Files on 8-Inch Floppy Disks

Bill Topazio BTopazio at company3.com
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Last time I had to read an 8" disk, it was a CP/M disk.  I used an old
Kaypro that was hacked to have 8" shugarts, then managed to xfer the
files to one of the kaypro 5.25 (still no HD) then took the 5.25 to a PC
and found some brilliant CP/M-DOS reader utility.  That was back wound
1998 or so.

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I've got a set of 8" floppies containing EDL files, which were created
1987.  I believe that the files came from The Post Group or UNITEL.
anybody know what logging/online editing system would have been in use
around this time?  Was the EDL format proprietary to the system?  Does
anybody have the hardware/software available to read these files?
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