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Lapointe Michel m.lapointe at onf.ca
Thu Apr 26 17:54:18 BST 2007

Hi Bob, 

Speaking as a guy who lost a job because  of management  refusing to see
the benefit of going the Avid way in early 90,s I say 
You are 200% right and since history tends to repeat itself,  I suggest
you save that email you just send and post it again, word for word,  in
10 years. 

"C,mon kid,  nobody's is going to edit on those computer stations that
look like crap. You can play with these, but only film will be used for
serious work.  Trust me: I have been in this business for 30 years...
You and your video stuff are getting on my nerves ... " 

Sorry.  I just get scared when I read or hear any kind of arguments that
looks or sound like this. I paid dearly to learn how things go wrong
when management refuse to see the world changing around. 

Michel Lapointe

.... The large editorial houses quickly became dinosaurs, because they
did not embrace the changes in technology and workflow. Those
organizations who tried to hang on to the old world, quickly became
irrelevant. Those that embraced the changes, became the hot new
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