[Tig] Oscar at BLUE NOTEe

Rob Lingelbach rob
Mon Nov 14 21:58:47 GMT 2005

it's a little off-topic, but anyone who wants to meet the legendary Oscar Castro-Neves, 
first subject of the new PBS Legends of Jazz Series, to be aired early 2006, is invited to the 
Blue Note in New York City November 14-20 and is strongly encouraged to introduce 
themselves to Oscar along with Toots Thielemans and Oscar's wife Lorraine, backstage or 
in the club.  Kenny Werner is also part of the band.

connection with tig: (Oscar has had his website for Bossa Nova (he arranged, produced, 
and performed the first Jobim concert at Carnegie Hall in the '60s and went on to work 
with virtually all Brasilian jazz artists).
  I've known him a couple of decades and administer his website.
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