[Tig] RE: monitor calibration

Dennis Politakis takis
Thu Jun 2 18:20:23 BST 2005

> BTW, Dennis, your post was a little hard to read.  A few blank lines would
> help section it off.  Just a suggestion.

It was nicely typed, and spaced, but got reformated.

> > Apply 20 IRE gray window over black. There is no published target value
> for black level. I
> use .78 FTL

> How did you arrive at 0.78fl?

I asked Sony. I asked Ron Williams. Nobody had a number.
I noticed this where I would end up with 20 IRE. My own conclusion after
many monitors.

Dennis Politakis
Matchframe Video
Burbank Ca.

> This is the crux of the issue I noticed.  Not that you are doing anything
> wrong.  As you said, there is no published number that we can call a
> standard.  I've heard several explanations of how people have decided on
> their approach to setting black level.
> Black level is, almost exclusively, a perceptual setting that is dependant
> --again, almost exclusively-- on the surround illumination.  The one goes
> with the other.  You cannot isolate the two except metrologically, which
> NOT how we see.  That's why "doing it in the dark" is not correct as no
> real-world viewing environment offers this condition.
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