[Tig] Colorist in opening credits of Juenet's film

Joe Malina joe
Thu Jan 13 23:09:05 GMT 2005

Took in John-Pierre Jeunet's new film "A VERY LONG ENGAGEMENT" and was 
pleasantly surprised, actually shocked to see the Colorist (Yvan Lucas, 
I think) in the opening credits for the film. It's obvious after 
viewing the film why but  I can't think of another film where this was 
the case. Checking the IMDB- his credits extend back to  DELICATESSEN, 
as a color consultant, including every Darius Khondji picture.  Pretty 
amazing body of work that spans the analog Lab processes  to the DI 
generation of films.

Joe Malina
Match Frame Editorial
Austin, TX

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