[Tig] 2" video repairs, anyone?

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We operate AVR 1's, 2's, and 3's, plus many other older formats. What do you mean by "consistant picture scrolling and tearing" ? Is this in demod also? Is there a servo light?
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Thanks to Peter Robertshaw, Dave Corbitt and 
Phil Mendelson for supporting the TIG.

Howdy. Thanks to the TIG, I now have a new job!

If anyone in the NY area is capable of servicing an Ampex AVR-3 2" video 
machine, kindly let me know ASAP. We are having a problem with consistant 
picture scrolling and tearing. Video ref is good, and we've swapped heads, but 
the problem persists. It appears to be possibly be a transport issue, but that 
is pretty much as far as we got.

Please contact me privately if willing and able.

Thanks in advance.

Jeff Hayat

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