[Tig] RE: Step print effect on Spirit w/2K?

Steve Shaw digital.praxis
Fri Aug 19 18:24:24 BST 2005

Hi Laurence,

You can tell it's the first free time I've had for a while!!!!

As I replied to Mike, my comments are from my experience - not statements of 
absolute fact. Every individual who has a need to work in the film game 
needs to make choices based on their experience. Some of my best friends 
totally disagree with my views on digital - being real 'film' people - and 
we have great discussions, bordering on arguments, on the subjects. Great 
fun, and the only way to learn and exchange views. The problem with e-mail 
is it can be hard to add inflection with comment, and I'm not a great fan of 
smiles (too much of a pain to keep typing!)

I too have seen some great 35mm films, but only first generation/answer 
prints, and only on relatively high budget films. But, then I've seen some 
real crap digital films too where capture has been done poorly.

The one OCN stock I'd love to see is Kodak's '99 in 35mm - it's only 16mm at 
the moment.
Be very interesting to see how this performs when printed after a DI 

I guess at the end of the day I'm a pragmatist, and I'm not going to invest, 
or suggest my clients invest, in old technology that is likely to be on the 
decline. This is a business after all, and making money is the nature of 
business. I just see more scope for this via the digital path - without a 
loss of capability, and often with an increase in possibility.

We hope to be screening SBY in the UK at BAFTA with Barco. I know you missed 
the NFT screening, so hopeful we can meet at this one. No dates yet as we've 
got to get the LA ETC one out of the way - and probably IBC too.


Steve Shaw
Digital Praxis Ltd
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