[Tig] Home Movie Day 2005

Skip Elsheimer skipe
Thu Aug 11 15:45:32 BST 2005

Some of you telecine folks probably already know about Home Movie Day, 
but here's info for the rest of you:
Home Movie Day 2005

Many archivists are concerned about what will happen to all of the home 
movies that have been shot on film during the 20th century, most of 
which are sitting in boxes in attics or basements. Besides their 
importance as family records, these films often contain a history of the 
hometowns and areas where these films were shot. We know that many 
people have boxes full of family memories that they've never seen 
because they lack of a projector, or are afraid that the films are too 
fragile to be viewed again. We also know that many people are having 
their amateur films transferred to videotape or DVD, with the mistaken 
idea that their new digital copies will last forever and the "obsolete" 
films could be discarded. The 3rd annual Home Movie Day will take place 
this August 13, 2005 - all around the world!

So dig out the ole' family movies and bring them out to Home Movie Day! 
And don't throw your family's films away!

For information about Home Movie Day and locations that are holding the 
event, visit: http://www.homemovieday.com

Skip Elsheimer

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