[Tig] Transfer question

Digital Praxis digital.praxis
Sun Aug 7 20:43:00 BST 2005

Hi Steven,

I think your best approach would be to perform a 'self-calibrated' log (dpx/cineon) transfer at what ever resolution & format you require. That could be SD, HD, 1K, 2K, RGB or YUV.

You can then be sure the comparisons are accurate, and view via 'print' lut as necessary.

Best bet is via a dataMill, Spirit, DSX/C-Reality, or Millennium calibrated for log dpx transfer - to data or to video (Spirit can't do log to video though), based on D-Min settings.

Any transfer you do via 'telecine & colourist' is likely to be to variable for your tests, even via taf setup.

Hope this helps.


Steve Shaw
Digital Praxis Ltd
+44 (0)7765 400 908

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