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Laurence Claydon laurence
Wed Aug 3 21:05:47 BST 2005

Hi folks,

All I know is that using AutoCad without a thumbwheel to Zoom with would be a real pain the posterior...

Laurence Claydon

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>> The new mouse signifies Apple's
>> acceptance of what many have known for a long time: more buttons =  
>> good!

> How's that? More buttons certainly are not an inherently good thing,  
> the number of control points only makes sense in the context of the  
> UI they are designed to control.

For word processing and web browsing it is unlikely that more than two
buttons will make a big difference.  Other tools, such as 3D modelling
software can greately benefit from having more buttons/knobs/controllers.  I
tried driving Solidworks with a three button+scroll-wheel trackball in
addition to a secondary 3D orbiting controller (with additional buttons).
The increase in productivity and ability to work with the models is not
trivial.  Definetly the way to go.

Nothing new.  A piano might be the best example of an application that uses
every single finger to great benefit.  So does a guitar.  I'm sure examples

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