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Adrian Thomas adrian
Wed Aug 3 11:15:15 BST 2005

On 3 Aug 2005, at 07:56, Martin Euredjian wrote:
> Of course.
> My point may have been lost.  The Kensington (and other) multibutton
> solutions were third party solutions.  The new mouse signifies Apple's
> acceptance of what many have known for a long time: more buttons =  
> good!

How's that? More buttons certainly are not an inherently good thing,  
the number of control points only makes sense in the context of the  
UI they are designed to control.

> It only took Apple twenty years (or whatever) to recognize that  
> having more
> than one button might just be of use.  Having worked closely with  
> them,
> visited Cupertino and even corresponded with Steve Jobs himself, I  
> "got"
> what the company was about as soon as I walked into that building.   
> It's
> simple:  You just want to buy anything Apple.  This new mouse is no
> different, even though there are probably at least a dozen, if not  
> more,
> non-Apple controllers that are better.  Hell, I'm buying one!

Eh? Are you telling us that you don't already have an 11 button rat?  
Blimey, I use a 4 button + wheel horror and I'm a convinced 1-buttoner!

> To me this is of the same scale as Microsoft finally accepting that  
> they
> make a crappy product (and I am 99% PC here!).  Imagine if they  
> came out and
> said:  OK, we finally get it.  Here's a new version of Windows that  
> simply
> runs as a GUI on top of Linux.  We were wrong.

The strange thing about Apple's new world is that it's increasingly  
like MS' old one. I don't want file extensions, I don't want hidden  
files, I don't (really) want a command line interface, I certainly  
don't want cut, copy and paste for FILES and FOLDERS and I REALLy  
don't like the 'single window' Finder. Apple is increasingly offering  
us the 'least worst' OS rather than the best.

> Gotta go, time to click the "Start" button to ... uh ... shutdown the
> computer to ... disconnect a network folder (yup, no other way!).

That's NOT possible via a right-click contextual menu, then? Well I  


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