[tig] Slightly OT DLT drives

Michael Orton mike
Thu Jan 29 17:58:13 GMT 2004

Thanks for this as well, Robb. Do you have any idea how these tape 
device names translate to real world meanings?

Ta to far,


At 11:04 AM -0800 1/27/04, Robb Cadzow wrote:
>Actually you don't. As long as the drive shows up as a DLT and not
>"unknown" when issuing an hinv command you'll be fine. Then use a
>/dev/rmt/tps1d2nrnsv or something similar with the overide switch set to
>35. We do it pretty regularly. You can also use the software flags to
>tell it to go to 35 but without the SGI license they show up like

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