[tig] MPEG4 DVD Players for Executive Dailies playback ?

Mark Gilbert mark
Tue Jan 27 11:17:07 GMT 2004


I have noticed that MPEG4 compatible DVD Players are becoming widely 
available, and at very low cost. These devices will apparently play 
back MPEG4 video off a CD-R or DVD-R with a full screen video output 
and easy operation.

This leads me to ask whether this technology might be of use for 
Digital Dailies or executive dailies.

We can digitise picture _directly_ into MPEG4 format using QuickTime 
in one step (compared to the complications of authoring MPEG2 video 
for creating regular video DVDs). This video could then be played 
back as 'executive dailies' on a device which potentially costs less 
than $150 US. My initial review of the picture quality shows very 
good results.

Another option. We have been considering is the idea of even 
recording DIRECTLY onto a CD-R (or DVD-R) in real time.  I am not 
sure of the practicality of this at present, but Apple have now 
provided an API for applications to write directly to CD-R and DVD-R 
via the Mac OSX operating system.

Does anyone have any experience of these MPEG4 DVD Players ?  What 
sort of quality do they support ?  Is this a practical option for 
Dailies ?  How about the idea of recording direct to CD-R ?

The potential here is to hit record, digitising MPEG4 direct to CD-R 
(perhaps in parallel with the telecine). Then pop the disk out and be 
able to put it into one of these MPEG4 DVD players for immediate 

Any comments on this idea  ?


Mark Gilbert.

mark at gallery.co.uk
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