[tig] Room temperatures

Michael Orton mike
Wed Jan 21 18:29:51 GMT 2004


You should be looking to keep your machine room temperatures in the 
60s Fahrenheit. I have an (American) air conditioning calculation 
spreadsheet I can send you if you need it, that converts power draw 
into BTU/hr then into air conditioning tonnage to cool it. Seems to 
have worked for me here in California.

I seem to remember a statistic from somewhere that each 10 degree F 
cooling of the equipment would result in roughly doubling of mean 
time between failures. So a room at 90F would fail about 8 times more 
frequently than one at 60F. This is an old rule of thumb, though, and 
modern, densely packed equipment may be much more prone to heat death.

Humidity, I'm a bit more hazy about (no pun intended). I seem to 
remember that about 40% RH worked for us well at Editel. Just right 
to avoid static problems with the film.

Offline on this if you would like.

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