[tig] Shadow optical sound

Rob Lingelbach rob
Thu Jan 15 18:38:29 GMT 2004

On Thu, Jan 15, 2004 at 03:23:52PM -0200, Pedro Conforti wrote:

> I had no time to check with Thomson how much they charge
> on this option, but since I was already told that it is very
> expensive for what it is, I came to you first. Does anybody
> know if there is another manufacturer for this part who
> could have the job done, or my only choice is to buy it from
> Thomson?

some time ago Pedro i needed to ask if i could adjust the
optical head on the Spirit, and was told that the optical
audio assembly on the Spirit/Shadow is factory-installed and
aligned, and that it is not designed to be adjusted in the
field.  This lends me to believe that its installation is
not trivial, though theoretically possible... i don?t know
of anyone who has had it done after purchase but would think
there might be such a customer.

the lack of an adjustment option on the optical audio head
surprised me, as often films will have slightly misprinted
tracks needing to be followed by the audio apparatus, and
adjusting the physical position of the film itself is very

Rob Lingelbach  tig coadmin

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