[tig] Keykode repeatability

David L. Tosh dlt
Wed Oct 22 03:51:47 BST 2003

>How often, if ever, will the same Keykode repeat itself? That is, is 
>it likely that one will see the same
>exact number appear within a given transfer job?

I have not been able to find supporting documentation but when 
machine readable key numbers were first introduced I remember being 

Kodak would not allow the incrementing portion (footage) to roll over 
back to 0 in a roll


Kodak would not guarantee that the prefix would not reappear on another roll.

I think that it should require a very large number of new, fresh 
rolls of stock before you really got the same prefix repeated. I 
thought I saw it happen on "Windtalkers" but I discovered that it was 
a logging error. ;-)


David Tosh
<dlt at earthlink.net>

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