[tig] an anonymous post.

Rob Lingelbach rob
Tue Oct 21 22:42:02 BST 2003

I received the following today and the writer desires to
remain anonymous for obvious reasons.  I cannot vouch for
the accuracy of any of it however and leave further
discussion  to the community?s discretion.


Dear TIG,

Mr. Hafner's original posting about the artifacts  was
actually very accurate. This is not an artifact that is on
all Technique D.I.'s but the work of a colorist who does not
program the noise reduction with the clients but turns it up
to a high degree after they are gone. The clients aren't
aware of it, they get their film back, it looks great, done.
Except "everybody" in house knows it's wrong but no one has
done anything. Thus negatives with motion artifacts on some
features will forever haunt Technique. (Perhaps that's why
they're changing their name.)

It's very nice that many have come to defend with possible
explanations but in this case it's operator error or
judgement and nothing more. Mr. Hafner has a good eye.


Rob Lingelbach
tig founder, unix system administrator

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