[tig] I'm worried and angry

Martin Euredjian ecinema
Fri Oct 17 20:18:10 BST 2003

David Bernstein wrote:

> My, aren't we a sensitive bunch. A film-goer (our
audience, remember them?) writes in to complain that
he doesn't like the look of some prints that were made
from digital intermediates, and you guys jump down his
throat because he singled out a particular facility
and technology. OK, maybe he doesn't know exactly what
he's talking about, but does that mean he's wrong, or
we should attack him because he has a discerning eye?

I can't speak for the rest, but I can tell you what bothered me:

Mr. Hafner is going from list to list bashing Technique in the same manner.
It doesn't seem that Mr. Hafner has ever been an "insider".  This is
important because he chose to name names an place very specific blame, down
to technical detail pulled out of a hat.  We (meaning industry pro's) know
that, if there's a problem, it might take days, if not weeks, to be able to
properly research it and reach a valid, supportable conclusion.  One viewing
at the local movie theater is no way to judge process decisions.

In addition to this Mr. Hafner seems to think that his time is too valuable
to pickup the phone and do some research before bashing.  I think most
people at professional facilities are nice enoug that they would take the
time to talk to a caller with these sorts of concerns.

Mr. Hafner doesn't seem to have taken even a semi-scientific method to have
reached his conclusion about one of the top facilities in town.  He is using
one sample viewing at a local cinema, in uncontrolled conditions to conclude
a whole host of things, down to "the filters used are obviously too simple".

I just didn't think it was right to come out blasting like that and doing so
at multiple mailing lists.

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